SIAR Research and Consulting Group unites companies engaged into research and research-based consultancy.

SIAR’s standing quality, focus on understanding of the Clients’ research needs and experienced challenges, responsiveness, responsibility and conformity with ethical standards as well as application of state-of-the-art methodologies, technologies and software (including both traditional and neuromarketing) have lead to its becoming a market leader in Azerbaijan and increase of geographical coverage to 8 CIS countries.

SIAR employs a wide array of research methodologies, including and not limited to:

• Face-to-face interviews (at home, at work, street/mall intercept, central location tests, etc.)
• Telephone surveys
• Online surveys
• Mobile surveys
• SMS surveys
• E-mail surveys
• Retail audit/store check surveys
• Traffic counting
• Etc.

• Focus group discussions
• In-depth interviews
• Dyads, triads
• Paired interviews
• Ethnography and observation
• Expert interviews
• Workshops
• Etc.

Desk research
• Literature search
• Case analysis
• Media content analysis
• Document analysis
• Public statistics analysis
• Import-export data analysis
• Etc.

Our approach to research is based on the following important principles

Milestones of SIAR development


SIAR Social and Marketing Research Center, a basis of SIAR Research and Consulting Group, is founded in Azerbaijan


SIAR Social and Marketing Research Center enters ESOMAR (The World Association of Research Professionals)


SIAR Media, provider of media and advertisement research in Azerbaijan, is founded


SIAR Consulting, an entity engaged into research-based consultancy is established and SIAR keeps working on the territory of Azerbaijan only


SIAR Foreign Markets starts its activity with research projects across Central Asia and Georgia


SIAR enters WAPOR (World Association of Public Opinion Research) and ISA (International Sociological Association)


SIAR becomes a member of MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association)


SIAR becomes a member of Gallup International Association


SIAR starts projects in Moldova; Partner of SIAR is assigned to be ESOMAR Representative


SIAR launches a number of research techniques, including eye-tracking, people counting, in-store analytics and communication panel


SIAR Healthcare has been established, due to increasing number and regional coverage of research projects among patients, healthcare professionals and pharmacists.


SIAR develops continuous retail audit and store check projects, adds Georgia to its continuous store check, starts measurement of digital television viewership

Facts and Figures

Geographical coverage

Ukraine Russia Moldova Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Turkmenistan Tajikistan Uzbekistan Georgia Azerbijan


Membership in associations

  • Esomar

    Three managers of SIAR have been members of ESOMAR for many years. This World Association of Research Professionals was established in 1948 and currently has 4900 members in over 130 countries, and has jointly with International Chamber of Commerce drafted an ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research. SIAR abides to this Code in all its research projects; three our research managers have been members of ESOMAR for many years; and in 2015 a research director and partner of SIAR has been selected to be an ESOMAR representative in Azerbaijan.

  • WIN/Gallup International

    It was formally founded in May 1947 with 11 original members and Dr. George H. Gallup as its first President. Today the association consists of 72 largest and leading independent market research and polling companies in their respective countries and has research capabilities in more than 100 countries.

  • ISA

    Dedicated to scientific purposes in the field of sociology and social sciences, International Sociological Association was founded in 1949. It is an international sociological body, gathering both individuals and national sociological associations, and currently has 5000 members in 167 countries

  • MSPA

    The MSPA is the representative Trade Association for companies participating in the Mystery Shopping industry, and SIAR has taken part in translation of Mystery Shopping standards into Azerbaijani language

  • Azerbaijan Marketing Society

    Azerbaijan Marketing Society was established in 2000 with the participation of specialists representing the marketing departments of different local and multinational companies operating in Azerbaijan. At present AMS consists of about 120 members, 12 staff workers, a network of external consultants/ experts and volunteers, including the members all over the regions of Azerbaijan Republic.


    World Association of Public Opinion Research, established in 1947, is the international leading association in the field, with approximately 450 members in more than 60 countries.